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Stdint.h file

Stdint.h file

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The stdint.h> header shall declare sets of integer types having specified widths, and shall define corresponding sets of macros. It shall also define macros that. 6 * of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal 28 /* If we're hosted, fall back to the system's stdint.h, which might have. 8 Feb 37 * ISO/IEC Integer types stdint.h>. 38 */. 40 #ifndef __ STDINT_H_. 41 #define __STDINT_H_. 43 /** \file */.

ISO C9x compliant stdint.h for Microsoft Visual Studio // Based on ISO/IEC 6 in C++ mode wrap include with 'extern "C++" {}' // or compiler give. stdint.h is a header file in the C standard library introduced in the C99 standard library section to allow programmers to write more portable code by  Background - Integer types - Exact-width integer types - Minimum-width integer. This header defines a set of integral type aliases with specific width requirements , along with macros specifying their limits and macro functions to create values.

Find file Copy path. libde/extra/stdint.h. Fetching contributors Cannot retrieve ISO C9x Integer types stdint.h>. * Based on ISO/IEC SC22/WG14 . It's not clear to the users of your proto.h file that it includes stdint.h. Some will say that you should include as few files as possible; in my opinion. The stdint.h header defines integer types, limits of specified width integer types, limits of other integer types and macros for integer constant expressions. #if @[email protected] # if defined __sgi &&! defined __c99 /* Bypass IRIX's stdint.h> if in C89 mode, since it merely annoys users with "This header file is to. Gnulib module: stdint. Portability problems fixed by Gnulib: This header file is missing.


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