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Hair sims 3 yahoo answers

Hair sims 3 yahoo answers

Name: Hair sims 3 yahoo answers

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on the sims internet site they have plenty and that they contain relatively surprising And find a good website to get some hair or furniture from.. such as. http://www. You don't need to download items from the official sims page. Try Mod the Sims, or The Sims Resource. Those are just two of the sites out there.

The primary website I use to download mods is ModTheSims: http://www. It's pretty simple to use, they have a ton of FAQs if. Apart from Mod The Sims and The Sims Resource, here are some of my favourite sites for hair which all have male hair too either in it's own. Here is where I get all of mine. It has ALL the custom hair of sims 3. This site is also constantly updated. I love the hair!! There are tons of pages.

I usually download clothes and hair from the exchange on the official sims website and from The Sims Resource. Beware that both places will. I don't really recommend the Exchange as a way to get custom content. There's plenty of bad content out there, and some people use it on the. One of the best websites I've come across. Generally the posts on there will give links to other download sites as. http://www. Have fun. Remember, some mods are out-dated or. have you tried for hairs? Have a good look through there - Anubis does amazing retextures and they're all free.

I totally have kinda the same problem. Sometimes the hairstyles I download just vanish! But also ever since I downloaded custom stuff off the. Yes, I just searched it and apparently people have made Mods for it but the hair is very short and wispy. The easiest site you can download custom content from is the sims resource. Their custom content is already in sims3pack form, so it takes less. I know there's this add on for PS3 for 10 dollars but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Is the modthesims only for pc?.

There's a button that looks like a lock in one of the corners. Scroll over it and read how it works. And yes to both of the other questions. Make a new folder in your Sims 3 folder and name it Mods, inside C:/Programs/ Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Mods/Packages Sims 3 Mods Hair. Anyone know any custom content sites for furniture,hair,clothes stuff like The Sims Resource: Although a lot. nope its not a glitch you see, when you download something off the internet for the sims you can choose an icn, they make a good looking icon.


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